Saturday, August 16, 2008

ask and you shall receive

Mrs. Leah here ya go ;) its been too long I know but i finally have a free minute to do update some pictures of Jase and of course my other 2 cuties! I picked up Kyle & Aaron on Wednesday (8-13) my parents met me half way so i didn't have to drive down to NJ-thank you :) !
Doug took a half of day and we gave Kyle his bday gift early PSP (no big surprise for him he knew he was getting it) so we went to his favorite place to eat Chilli's.

Kyle has not put down his PSP since he got it! Aaron watching ...trying to figure out how to get his hands on it!

this picture of Jase he looks like me!!its always cool to see yourself in your kids!

Aaron trying to be patient with me while he watches TV and i am in his way trying to snap a picture.. peace dude ;)
here are some pictures from Chilli's
Me and Aaron Our favorite dessert we get pretty much all the time we go! Chocolate Molten Cake.. kyle joining in the clapping as the waiter/ess sang Happy Birthday to him.
These were taken yesterday. Jase is getting so big look at that chunky face!!

Kyle loves his baby brother always there to help, give him a kiss or just hang out w/him.

okay that is it from me :) hope you enjoyed my mounds of pictures!!! haven't blogged in a little over 2 wks and i posted twice in the last 2 days!!!yikers!!lol

have a great weekend!


tracyc said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KYLE!!! Chili's is my favorite place to go, too :)

Love seeing all the new pics of the kiddos. Jase is just adorable. He reminds me of my Zach when he was little...lots of black hair. He looks so happy and loved. (you know how much I love the pics of the 3 boys :) )


Dana said...

A bounty of beautiful babies! So happy to meet you on Tally.. can you pass me some of that molten cake? yummmy :)

kris said...

OMG!! look how big Jase is getting!! WOW! and Happy Bday to Kyle!

Sonya said...

You have a beautiful family! :)

emelyn said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Kyle!! You are such a big boy!! And YUM, your cake looks great!

OMG, Jase is so freakin' adorable!! He looks so big already...WAHHH!! Where has the time gone :(