Monday, August 18, 2008

My baby turned 7 :(

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLE!!!!!!The BIG 7!!!!here is my baby -if Kyle saw this he would say Mom i'm not a baby i'm a big boy! you will always be my baby no matter how old you get so DEAL with kid!!Happy Birthday Big Boy!here is his hospital picture i can't believe he was once that little!
here he is now at 7...too fast i tell ya!i told him today i am not going to wish him happy birthday anymore so that means he will not get any older! he told me that won't work!a Mom can wish right ;)..for his birthday he didn't want a party at the house with his friends, he wanted to go to Lake Compounce with a friend (Jackson) here is how Kyle spent his 7th birthday!hope you had fun on your special day buddy!!xoxoxox love ya..Aaron, Kyle & Jackson
taking a break eating some cotton candy & pop corn
Aaron's favorite thing the BIG BUCKET that dumped water all over..he would run from one side to the other! it would dump water in one direction and than the other!

Kyle & Jackson getting ready to go in the wave pool. don't have too many pictures b/c they were freaking me out b/c i couldnt' find them it was pretty crowded so i was more intune on keeping a close on them!i'm a nervous nelly w/water!
and of course Mr. Jase such a good boy slept 60% of the day!

and of course going on LOTS of rides over and over again!

Aaron loves the bumper cars! me & Jase hanging out waiting for the boys i was bored and tired getting pictures of me and him :) not a great one but LOVED this one cause you can kinda see his smile soo cute
but got this one!can't wait to scrap this one..need a good title!got one i am open :)
Here is my lo for TallyScrapper Olympics our challenge this week was for a monochromatic using blue, water color(doodling-dots), latex(side of Joker i cut up the gloves and used it as ribbon) and overlay(joker card) this is what i came up with My little Joker...

And school starts in 9 days!!!!man did sumer fly by! glad to get back in some kind of routine!



Weezy said...

Happy Birthday looks like you had a great day!!! Super cute pictures of Jase as well!!

Patti H said...

Thanks for stopping by on my blog Michelle!

Yes they do grow to fast!! Love the photo with your baby's half face and the big ole smile!

Love your layout for the challenge!! Go Team Crowe!!

rachel whetzel said...

OH MY GOSH. Those photos of the BABY are SO cute!!

Laurajean said...

Happy Birthday Kyle.....the bIG "7".....
You cracked me up with your comment on my of course I have to do it here as well.....

GO TEAM HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine said...

they grow up so fast! Your pics are fabulous!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday KYLE!! I didn't realize his birthday was the same day as McKenna's?? she turned 6 on the 18th!

You've WON A BLOG AWARD! check my blog for deets!

emelyn said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Kyle!! They grow up too fast! Looks like they had a GREAT time!