Friday, August 15, 2008


pictures are a bit out of order always forget to do them backwards when i download them!one day i will anywho last week the boys and I went to NJ to visit my parents and show off Jase :) we took the boys to Chucky Cheese kids had a lot of fun. Aaron was on the look out for 'that mouse'(as he calls him) that mouse freaks him out!..
Kyle playing some space game...
we will just call her baby hog! (my beautiful Aunt Jane ;) )
cutie patootie Abby...

Aaron & Zach playing some gun game (mynotsofavoritegame)they used most of there tokens on this! My Mom, K&A and myself went to the beach for a walk. Aaron & Kyle (mostly Aaron)complained almost the whole walk (1mile) they were tired!

leaving Kyle got his shorts wet and had sand on his legs and of course only my kid would be freaking out that it hurts him so we had to leave!oy vey kid!
Walking back to the car Nana & Aaron
Here is my sexy Aunt Jane who is 29 years old by the way ;) this past January she started Nursing school I am so proud of her for following her dreams!! Keep up the hard work if anyone can do it you can! xoxox me and Kyle noodling around...

My cutie Aaron
My cousin Lauren and Aarn see sawing
Zach and C.J on the other end..
trying to get a picture of these 2 is a challenge for sure its all about the ....
bunny ears!!

My other Aunt Bonnie (Happy Birthday)meeting Jase for the first time... Zach little surfer dude!
Me & Jase

Thursday we had a girls night out WHOOOAAA we went to Red Lobster than to the movies to see Mama Mia (which i have to say i wasn't wild about it)
Aunt Jane, ME & LaurenDonna (my sister) and Mom
i have joined the Olympics ( Challenge, there are 2 teams Team Ho's and Team Crowe's. I am on Team CroWe (GOOO TEAM CROWE) We have a week to compelete it and every Friday we get a new challenge. Our 1st challenge is about passing the torch, burning paper or use fire in our layout and here is what I came up with our walk for Autism back in June 07. TEAM CROWE WON THE FIRST WEEK!!!CAUSE WE ROCK DA HOUSE!!!GO TEAM CROWE KICK SOME HO A$$...

and this is from me to you all :)

i have a few more pictures i need to post but blogger was acting nuts and i'm tired!so maybe tomorrow! oh and guess what Monday is (8/18) my little boy 7th birthday, i can't believe my first Kyle is going to be 7!!we are going to Lake Compounce with his friend Jackson so it will be a fun day!I will report back than after i recoup that is :)

peace out!{{{hugs}}}

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